7.5/15/22KW air compressor Fixed power frequency screw air compressor

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Fast gas, no need to wait, professional design is stable and durable, save labor and time and money, is the best choice for small processing plants, home textile operations, spraying equipment, different types of pump head configuration of different gas tanks, available for customers to choose

All system standard can be customized.

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Power frequency screw machine details description;

Power frequency screw air compressor is a common air compression equipment, usually driven by power frequency power. Its working principle is to suck in air through a screw compressor and compress it to produce high-pressure gas. This type of air compressor usually operates at a fixed speed, and the output compressed air volume is affected by the speed of the motor and the structure of the compressor. Power frequency screw air compressor is suitable for many industrial fields, such as manufacturing, chemical industry, construction, etc., and can be used to drive gas supply, mixing, spraying and other pneumatic equipment. Generally speaking, power frequency screw air compressor has high compression efficiency, stable output pressure and long service life. In addition, some high-quality power frequency screw air compressors are also equipped with intelligent control systems, which can realize automated operation management and improve the reliability and energy saving of the equipment. It is necessary to select the appropriate power frequency screw air compressor model and configuration according to specific working conditions and compressed air needs to meet the needs of industrial production.

The function characteristics of power frequency screw machine:

Power frequency screw machine, also called power frequency screw air compressor, has the following functional characteristics: High efficiency and energy saving: The power frequency screw machine adopts screw compression technology, which has efficient gas compression capacity and can achieve high efficiency and energy saving air compression. Stable and reliable: With stable output pressure and reliable operating performance, it can meet the demand for stable air pressure in industrial production. Precise control: Equipped with an advanced control system, it can achieve precise load adjustment and intelligent operation management, improving the controllability and production efficiency of the equipment. High-quality air pressure: Through the screw compression principle, high-quality compressed air can be produced, suitable for various industrial applications. Convenient maintenance: Reasonable design and convenient maintenance can reduce downtime and maintenance time, improve equipment availability and production continuity. Taken together, the power frequency screw machine has the functional characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, stability and reliability, precise control, high quality air pressure and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for various industrial production scenarios.

power frequency screw air compressor has a wide range of application, it can be used in the following industries and fields:

1. Equipment manufacturing industry 2. Automobile manufacturing 3. Beverage Factory 4. Thermal power plant 5. Water power plant 6. Food industry

7, steel mill 8, sheet metal workshop 9, printing factory 10, rubber factory 11, textile factory above is some of the application of screw air compressor, need to choose according to the specific actual needs and environmental conditions to choose whether to apply.

Fixed single machine - (power frequency)
Machine Model Exhaust volume/Working pressure(m³/min/MPa) Power(kw) Noise db(A) Oil content of exhaust gas Cooling Method Machine Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
10A 1.2/0.7 1.1/0.8 0.95/1.0 0.8/1.25 7.5 66+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 880*600*840 295
15A 1.7/0.7 1.5/0.8 1.4/1.0 1.2/1.25 11 68+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1070*730*960 350
20A 2.4/0.7 2.3/0.8 2.0/1.0 1.7/1.25 15 68+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1070*730*960 370
30A 3.8/0.7 3.6/0.8 3.2/1.0 2.9/1.25 22 69+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1320*900*1100 525
40A 5.2/0.7 5.0/0.8 4.3/1.0 3.7/1.25 30 69+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1500*1000*1300 700
50A 6.4/0.7 6.3/0.8 5.7/1.0 5.1/1.25 37 70+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1500*1000*1300 770
60A 8.0/0.7 7.7/0.8 7.0/1.0 5.8/1.25 45 72+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1560*960*1300 850
75A 10/0.7 9.2/0.8 8.7/1.0 7.5/1.25 55 73+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1875*1150*1510 1150
100A 13.6/0.7 13.3/0.8 11.6/1.0 9.8/1.25 75 75+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1960*1200*1500 1355

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