Mobile screw machine 2-in-1 screw air compressor Real stone paint special integrated machine mobile screw air compressor

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Fast gas, no need to wait, professional design is stable and durable, save labor and time and money, is the best choice for small processing plants, home textile operations, spraying equipment, different types of pump head configuration of different gas tanks, available for customers to choose

All system standard can be customized.

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The two-in-one screw air compressor with tank is a device that integrates an air compressor and a gas storage tank. It has the following characteristics: Space saving: Due to the integrated compressor and storage tank, the two-in-one screw air compressor with tank occupies a smaller area and is suitable for environments with limited installation space. Integrated design: The compressor and storage tank are integrated into one structure, reducing pipeline connection and installation work, simplifying the installation and debugging process of the equipment. Convenient maintenance: The integrated design makes the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment more convenient, reduces the complexity of maintenance work, and improves the reliability and stability of the equipment. Stable output: The storage tank can output compressed air smoothly, ensuring the stability of system air pressure, and is suitable for industrial occasions that require high air pressure stability. Energy-saving and efficient: Using screw compression technology, it has high compression efficiency and energy-saving characteristics, and can provide stable and high-quality compressed air. Generally speaking, the two-in-one screw air compressor with tank has a compact structure, easy installation and maintenance, and is suitable for the air compression needs of various industrial occasions.

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Two-in-one screw with tank
Machine Model Exhaust volume/Working pressure(m³/min/MPa) Power(kw) Noise db(A) Oil content of exhaust gas Cooling Method Machine Dimensions(mm)
6A(frequency conversion) 0.6/0.8 4 60+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 950*500*1000
10A 1.2/0.7 1.1/0.8 0.95/1.0 0.8/1.25 7.5 66+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1300*500*1100
15A 1.7/0.7 1.5/0.8 1.4/1.0 1.2/1.25 11 68+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1300*500*1100
20A 2.4/0.7 2.3/0.8 2.0/1.0 1.7/1.25 15 68+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1500*600*1100
30A 3.8/0.7 3.6/0.8 3.2/1.0 2.9/1.25 22 69+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1550*750*1200
40A 5.2/0.7 5.0/0.8 4.3/1.0 3.7/1.25 30 69+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1700*800*1200
50A 6.4/0.7 6.3/0.8 5.7/1.0 5.1/1.25 37 70+2db ≤3ppm air cooling 1700*900*1200

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